Data Quality Conference

Is garbage in, garbage out still harming your organization?

21 maart 2018
Is garbage in, garbage out still harming your organization?
arrow image Is garbage in, garbage out still harming your organization?

When optimizing your omnichannel strategy, you naturally focus on getting and keeping a multitude of channels available for your customer. With the management of those channels however, the management of the data that comes from the many customer interactions through those channels is often overlooked.

There are many data issues though that can be avoided if you tackle data contamination at the source, and get it right the first time. One method is to have customer service employees vet data that comes in through a self-service portal. They can manually check whether the data already exists. That doesn’t, unfortunately, prevent additional user error. It’s also time consuming and expensive. Data entry software, however, will perform validation processes automatically, as well as adjust, supplement and standardize the data.

Automation for data entry ensures a high level of data reliability, which, in turn, leads to greater customer satisfaction, increased productivity and higher profits per customer. It provides additional value because with automated data entry you will: 

  • Prevent contamination of your database(s);
  • Quickly find the customer you are looking for,
  • Detect fraudulent applications,
  • Increase customer confidence,
  • Improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns,
  • Discover opportunities for cross- and up-selling, etc,
  • Create the right starting point for enriching the information in your database(s).

Getting your data right the first time will lead to demonstrable growth in customer lifetime value; it’s not the availability of omnichannel communications that determine business success. It’s the ability to keep your customer data consistent no matter which channel they use.

Automating data entry is just one aspect of how data quality will help improve the quality of your omnichannel communications. To explore this topic further, and learn what other factors might be of influence, we invite you to download this free whitepaper: “The recipe for success: Consistent customer data and an omnichannel strategy”.

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Quadient helps companies deliver meaningful interactions with current and future customers. A Neopost Digital Company, the Quadient portfolio of technology enables organizations to create better experiences for their customers through timely, optimized, contextual, highly individualized, and accurate communications for all channels. Quadient understands the importance of excellent data and provides solutions that comply with the market demands and regulatory requirements of today and tomorrow. Our solutions bring together and activate the entire organization in the name of customer experience, through better collaboration and visibility into the customer journey. 

Quadient supports thousands of clients and partners worldwide in the financial services, insurance and service provider industries in their quest to achieve customer experience excellence via mobile, digital, social media and print technologies.

Meet us at the Data Quality Conference.

Mark Ansink, Solution Architect at Quadient, will present a break-out session on the holistic approach for Smart Data Management. Learn how smart data management is the foundation for excellent customer experience.