Esmee  Snoey Kiewit

Esmee  Snoey Kiewit
Esmee  Snoey KiewitEthical Hacker

Over Esmee

Esmée Babet Snoey Kiewit is an Ethical Hacker (Certified) and an Informational Privacy Manager (Certified). She works as an information security & privacy consultant at Securesult in the Netherlands.

Hence on a daily basis she advices companies such as Alphabet (BMW Group) about their security strategy and status, and fixes security issues. Esmée is passioned about international relations and holds a Master degree in international relations, for which she wrote an applauded MA thesis on the changing views aroud the world considering informational privacy. She loves debating future technologies and international strategies, especially cyberstrategies and privacyissues.

She is nicknamed by her collegues as 'the High Heeled Hacker’

Data Quality Conference

Sports Centre PapendalPapendallaan 8Arnhem9-6-2020

Esmee is spreker op het event 'Data Quality Conference'. Data Quality Conference vindt plaats op 9 juni 2020. Klik voor meer informatie over dit event.

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