Lex Knape

Lex Knape
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Senior executive with 25+ years of international experience in Retail, Leisure, Automotive, Industrial appliances and Consultancy. As Chief Data Science Officer Lex is responsible for translating the added value of Data Science towards our customers by being on top of the latest technologies & use cases. 
Skills and experience that are best suited for a dynamic, cross channel, international, consumer related and innovative organizations. Possesses a unique combination of Data Science knowledge & experience with commercial and general management skills. A diversified track record of successfully growing sales, implementing digital transformation, building new companies, downsizing, reorganizing & turning around mature businesses.

A multi-lingual (4 languages), technology-savvy, hands-on manager with extensive international experience in small tech businesses as well as large multinationals. A people manager and storyteller, able to explain with vision and passion the added value of Data Science can mean as well as how to transform enterprise how to become data driven.

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