Wim Blaauwendraat

Wim Blaauwendraat
Wim BlaauwendraatPhilips LightingDirector Internal Audit

Over Wim

Wim is an experienced director with a long history in IT and auditing. He started his career in IT at the Philips Research Laboratories in Waalre. He started as a science engineer in the domain of informatics and was responsible for the design of support processes and controls of the first datacenter of the later NXP. In the early ’90, he became project manager of several software development teams.

An estimated total of 90+ applications have been build since. With building and rolling out software applications in the business he became a top expert in the Netherlands. He became an international reputation during his time at BSO/Origin. In addition, he was crises manager in a number of big IT projects. Wim continued has career in Philips Corporate Internal Audit in 2004. He became a professional in Auditing (Operational, IT and financial audits), Enterprise Risk Management and Finance (Management & financial reporting and accounting).

His personal characteristics: business, customer as well as people focused team-player, insight, highly motivated and strong drive, ambition, high integrity.